THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: Special Guest Brian Schulz (Part 2)



Sea Kayak designer/builder, and founder of Cape Falcon Kayak Brian Schulz talks about the psychology of kayak rolling, how a low volume sea kayak can be the worst thing for learning how to roll, how a paddling progression you have worked towards for years can be erased in seconds by a traumatic experience, his project to bring school kids from the tiny Greenland village of Tiniteqilaaq to the National Kayaking Championships and his ongoing quest to improve on traditional Greenland skin-on-frame kayak designs.


Cape Falcon Kayak, Custom skin-on-frame kayaks and canoes offered as plans, kits, and video courses.

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GOFUND ME: Send Tiniteqilaaq kids to the Kayak Championship

THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: Special Guest Brian Schulz (Part 1)


Sea Kayak designer/builder and founder of Cape Falcon Kayak, Brian Schulz, talks about the making of the viral video, “Building the West Greenland kayak, Step by Step”, how he got started building skin-on-frame kayaks and into Greenland Style kayaking after meeting the world’s preeminent kayak historian, Harvey Golden, taking apart the myth that Greenland kayaks reached a level of perfection after thousands of years of kayak evolution, how he would never have been a skin-boat builder if it wasn’t for Corey Freedman’s mysterious "GOOP", how Greenland Style paddling helped him recover from a severe shoulder injury, his advice for people who want to learn how to roll, and the 5 core evolutionarily hard-wired fears that must be overcome to learn how to roll.


Building a West Greenland Kayak, Step by Step, from Cape Falcon Kayak

Cape Falcon Kayak
Custom skin-on-frame kayaks and canoes offered as plans, kits, and video courses.

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The Aleutian Kayak: Origins, Construction, and Use of the Traditional Seagoing Baidarka, by Wolfgang Brinck

Building Skin-On-Frame Boats, by Robert Morris

Building the Greenland Kayak : A Manual for Its Contruction and Use, by Christopher Cunningham

THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: Special Guest George Gronseth



George Gronseth, founder and lead instructor of the Kayak Academy was the first American to participate in the Kayak Training Camp in Greenland. Through the knowledge gained during this experience he helped introduce Greenland kayaking techniques to the United States. In this interview he talks about what the sport of sea kayaking was like in its early years in the Pacific Northwest, and his contributions to sea kayaking safety including encouraging the use of dry suits into common practice.


Kayak Academy

Greg Stamer and founder of Kayak Academy George Gronseth explain the Greenland paddle forward stroke

Greenlanders at Kodiak, by John Heath (Filmed during the Skin Boats of Antiquity Kayak Conference of August 18-20, 1989)

Harpoon Throwing With Maligiaq! (Kayak Academy Greenland Week 2008)

Kayak Academy's Greenland Rolling Competition: Interview with Dubside
(Kayak Academy Greenland Week 2009)

Helen Wilson at Kayak Academy's Greenland Week 2010

THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: EPISODE #21: Life at the Skinboat School


Dcast 21 CD cover

What is a “Greenland-style” kayak; a brief introduction to the Aleut kayaking tradition; Corey Freedman, founder of the Skin Boat School; the music of Issumat.


Kayak hunting in Illorsuit, Greenland 1959 (Ken Taylor’s blog)

Ken Taylor’s Kayak: The Origins of Modern Greenland-Style Kayaks, by Duncan Winning (originally published in Sea Kayaker Magazine)

Anas Acuta: The Original Valley Sea Kayak

Corey Freedman’s Skin Boat School